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Sweet Sweet Junk...<3
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Art Status by Starthemidnightbat

Requests - Open by SweetDuke
Yes, requests are open, from strangers, watchers, friends, anyone. Please read below for further details on requests. =3

Trades - Ask Me by SweetDuke
I love a good art trade. But what I don't love about them is doing one, and getting nothing in return. So, for this reason, you have to ask me about art trades. And if I trust you enough, we'll do one. Otherwise, it's a no. Don't get offended, though, it's nothing personal. :shrug:

Collaborations - Open by SweetDuke
I love collabs, though I haven't done them in a while. So I'm willing to do one if you are. I don't mind my job, I can color and draw. Just give me a few days and It'll be done.

Commissions - Open by SweetDuke
Commissions are, as always, opened. Though I don't expect to get one any time soon, it'd be nice. xD Look below for details on commissions.

Point Commissions - Ask Me by SweetDuke
Ask me, because price depends on the picture and what you want in it. Look below for details, though.

Gifts - Friends Only by SweetDuke
I'll be surprising a couple people this year with some gifts. You earn gifts by being a good friend, being a good artist, or just being yourself. I'll be sure to show you if I ever make you one. >~>

Kiribans - Open by SweetDuke
Kiribians are open, because I'm nearing 30,000 views. This is a huge accomplishment for me, and it should be rewarded.

Details by Starthemidnightbat
- What I do draw; Anime styled Characters, Cartoon styled characters, Regular human characters, and Sonic styled characters. I'm currently learning how to draw anthro, and ponies. You may request them, but don't expect the best results. I'm also fairly good at chibis..meh. xD

- What I don't draw; Extremely detailed pictures, realistic portraits, pictures that enhance and/or discourage religious belief, and people with insanely large breasts.


Stamps by Starthemidnightbat

Kick Your Ass by ElJosueLight You Think I Care Stamp by bizarrostamps I Like Waffles. Stamp by bizarrostamps Make Sense Please Stamp by In-The-Zone Protected by Vampires stamp by purgatori Stamp by Kataang-furuba Freaking Airport Stamp by chibi22 .: Read the comments :. Stamp by Beti-Kot Spongebob stamp by Dreamypunk + + Stamp + + by eikosalia Stamp by wolf-wisper I heart CATS::stamp by Katttty920 :thumb121916012: Tobasco stamp by BarkingCrayon Beef Burrito - Regular Show by rachguerrero Regular Show Stamp: Ohhh Spin by Zenity Hamboning stamp by DannyCat-X3 I FLIPPING LOVE DORITOS (revised) by RebiValeska Fast Food Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Pocky Stamp by PockyPerson32 Cake Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Radda Stamp by GeneveveX Pizza Stamp by Linkmax Born with a Smirk by Demachic :thumb64407235: Zelda: Link to the past Stamp by Gurinn Autism Awareness Stamp by RetroZombie I Love Photography stamp by Heineken79 Fan Art Stamp by Lilostitchfan Chowder Dance by GrimRose13 Cartoons stamp by silverette666 Soul Eater - Stamp by Kizushik Soul Eater - Kid Stamp by CometTheMicroraptor Soul Stamp by Boredom-xD :thumb138705465: Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by Kezzi-Rose BOTDF stamp by zombisu RONNIE RADKE stamp by zombisu Stop That Stamp by BlackshadowbutterflyGoatbusters Stamp by Kezzi-RoseFood Network Stamp by GG89-Stamps STAMP - Capsule Corp. by IrisHime Fluttershy Yay Stamp by moonprincessluna Sonic Rainboom stamp by AmberApple Tim Burton Stamp by theestephasaurusrexLove to read by Claire-stampsI have way too many stamps by jreaverDrugfree Stamp by LiveToCodeSupport Creativity by Putri-984I love junk food stamp by JAYSMILES23Marshmallow Peeps Stamp by GG89-StampsSTAMP i-heart-soda by itz-CindyrellaCancelled TV Shows Stamp by dgLariAlways Tired Stamp by gutter-child I love Skittles by andrissca King-Sombra-HEY-stamp by LaArka Candy Corn stamp by SpiritLeTitan I love reading quotes stamp by Paddy-fan YOU'RE GOING TO LOVE ME by X2010 Google stamp by kailor Go green stamp by Paddy-fan Morals by MaruLovesStamps In Metal I Trust Stamp by Cornebus Autumn Stamp by mceric Colors Stamp by Fyi-Sus DJ P0N-3 stamp by AmberApple Awkward by Fyi-Sus Ill Fight, no I will by Dbzbabe Tabs Are Cool by In-The-Zone Overcrowded Places Stamp by Stamp221 Dragonforce Stamp by RecklessKaiser Leo And Satan Stamp by k12hanchi Robot Unicorn Attack Metal by skinnyveestampJust mumble by 1Foxylady cotton candy love by Delfim Not the Grump Stamp by depp Grump Stamp by depp Queen Chrysalis stamp by LordPendragonOfCaria Status Stamp: Online by Reixxie Love Cats by Ramsay-the-Bastard TF2 BLU Stamp by kyphoscoliosis Engineer TF2 Stamp by DannyCat-X3 :thumb205709686: discord explosion stamp by Allviran Intense Metal-fan Stamp by deadlyMETAL Heavy Metal Is Art Stamp by t3hsilentone Make Believe by skinnyveestamp Ace Ventura Stamp by acww-freak08 Hades Stamp by acid-drinker Disney Stamp - Hercules 002 by hanakt Disney Stamp - Aladdin 014 by hanakt Disney Mulan Avalanche Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Manly Men Stamp by TwilightProwler Disney Mulan + Hair Stamp by TwilightProwler El Dorado Scream Stamp by TwilightProwler Deviously Pleased Stitch Stamp by TwilightProwler Scar Love Stamp by smileystamps I'm Surrounded By Idiots - Scar stamp by Nala15 I lol'd stamp by RogueLottie Daft Punk 1.0 by tehmemories WUB Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Avenged Sevenfold Stamp by Kezzi-Rose System of a Down Stamp by Kezzi-Rose Avenged Sevenfold - Rev by firsthandsmoke Zacky and Synyster by alyssa2590 Avenged Sevenfold - BA by firsthandsmoke Robot Unicorn Attack Stamp by Gokulover4ever :Homer Rave Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx Homer stamp by Strange-little-cat Nothing else to do. by Tbearmn22 omg........ by Heidelmeier17 Shop MoonWalk Stamp by Tripp-X-Foxx God Dammit, Nappa -TFS STAMP- by Wading-in-the-lies DBZ Is Still Awesome Stamp by tennyocelestia You thought wrong by Dbzbabe Saiyans stamp by Miho-Nosaka-stamps :thumb246341961: Squeaky Pickles by endler Mr. Krabs Stamp by ETrademarkk Benson stamp for me by nupao Batman Stamp..thing.. by Starthemidnightbat Stamp: Wreck it Ralph by Southrobin Don't better ask what I did here. by Tea-StrawberryVegeta Flipping You Off Stamp by Starthemidnightbat Megamind Boo Stamp by LockworkOrange The Wrath Of Gru by azianwolfdoll





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Starthemidnightbat's Profile Picture
Terrance Spinneth
Artist | Hobbyist | Photography
United States
Let's see, where to start.
First of all, my name is Terri Hailey Spinney. I'm a beginner artist, a Grammar Nazi, and a gamer. Some of my hobbies are drawing, running, writing, and playing games. I also spend a lot of my time on the internet, mainly on Facebook and Youtube.

Some of my favorite things are cats, spicy foods, sweet foods, long hair, guns, video games (console and pc), art, poetry, music, and nature. I can go on, but this is good enough.

Let's learn a little about me.

I'm a 5'2 female, I weigh about 125 pounds, I live in Florida, and my hair is about 20 inches long. I haven't cut it in 2 1/2 years, because I'm planning on growing it to my knees, then donating it, and repeating the process. I have a large family of eight, and I'm the youngest of them. I'm also the shortest, because everyone is 5'6 or taller. Wanting to follow in my mother's footsteps, I'm planning on starting a catering company when I get older, because ever since I was little, I loved cooking. I feel as if I belong in the kitchen. (lol see what I did there)

In real life, I'm pretty quiet and nice, I don't say anything unless someone says something to me. Well..unless I get comfortable with someone, then I'll act more silly. The internet, on the other hand, I tend to speak my mind, and share my sometimes offensive humor with everyone. And as said before, I'm a Grammar Nazi, so the only time I'll speak like a mentally challenged four year old is when I'm joking around. I enjoy joking around, or being funny in general, because one of the best feelings in the world is making someone laugh. Oh! And another thing, I don't fangirl. I'll be caught dead fangirling. Nothing is more fatuous than a fangirl. Ugh. Ironic I say that, because my news feed is almost always filled with reiterated posts about Kellin Quinn or Anime. Don't get me wrong, I like anime, but not enough to post about
it all day.

I listen to all types of music. My tastes range from Metal, Rap, Rock, Country, Instrumental, Classical, Capella, anything. I have at least one favorite song per genre. I do not--and I REFUSE--to listen to Nicki Minaj, Lil' Wayne, Justin Bieber, One Direction, or any of the abhorrent
atrocities that are classified as music.

I also play both PC and Console games. Whether it's Legend of Zelda, Sonic, or Spyro, I love console gaming. My favorite system is the Gamecube. As for PC, I play Horror Games and adventure games, none of that Candy Crush or Farmville bullshit. I have a Steam, but I haven't been using it much because of my slow-running laptop. My favorite PC game is Castle Crashers.

I hate swag, over-priced shoes, sluts, and almost the entire Florida population. I hate having to tell people I live in 'the hottest place on Earth'--which is also home of face eating, Trayvon Martin, 12 year old strip clubs, and the highest rate of HIV/AIDS carriers.

I don't camwhore, and if I do, It's usually a joking picture. I like to make the most revolting faces. I consider myself pretty good-looking, but not enough to post 10 pictures of myself every day, and change my profile picture every week.

Time to wrap this up with some Like/Hate.

I like Avenged Sevenfold, I like cats, I hate illiteracy,and I hate sluts.
I like candy, I like Pokemon, I hate swagfags, and I hate Disney Channel.
I like friends, I like swords, I hate fangirls, and I hate cucumber.
Alright. Have you had an earful, yet? :^) Don't worry, it's over now. Thanks for reading.
  • Mood: Eager
  • Listening to: Rainbow Factory
  • Reading: Party Planning Books
  • Watching: The News
  • Playing: Mario Party Four
  • Eating: Mcdonald's Fries
  • Drinking: Vanilla Milkshake
First of all, as the title says, I'll once again open requests. This is because I've been really active, and I'm looking to draw more. I'll be able to get them done within this week, because I'm still working on some pictures, and I'll actually do them this time, unlike just shrugging them off in my past 2 years on here. So, if you'd like something, feel free to comment or note me, and I'll get to work. :lol: 

Another thing, in exactly 2 months, Avenged Sevenfold's New Album 'Hail to The King' will be released! I'm really excited for it, there's no doubt that I'll be ordering it. Maybe even pre-ordering it. :P  I wonder if it'll be better than 'Nightmare'. 

I'll also be working on toning my body and preparing it for this 5k run in November. It's called 'Run or Dye', a 5k run which will leave you covered in a variety of colors, looking like a unicorn threw up on ya. I'm not doing this alone, however, a couple of my friends had offered to run with me, which will make it much better. I'm pretty excited for it, I wish I could run with some of you, though. xD 

Well that's it, I don't know what else to discuss. :shrug: 

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